Sunday, April 25, 2010

"5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile"

"5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile" will be out in May 2010. This is a story/song with an anti-bullying theme. There is additional information about geography, music and animals. Coloring pages and an MP3 will be available to download from my website: Book Release Party to be announced! I'm so excited! I am booking school and library visits for the Fall to introduce "5 Monkeys & Little Crocodile."

My good friend, Kelly Barwick, and I attended the Writer's Conference in Madison, Wisconsin last weekend. Kelly is an amazing kid (she is like a daughter to me, so I can refer to her as a kid) :-). Kelly won FIRST PLACE in the Y.A. (Young Adult) category for her book, "Ash Reign." I wasn't surprised at all, as she is a phenomenal writer, along with being a talented artist and musician. (Now I do sound like her Mom!!!), but I tell the truth. Kelly Barwick will be an author, musician, artist that you will hear a lot more about. She truly is that remarkable!

The conference, though worthwhile, was very disorganized in the beginning, which was disappointing. Upon arrival for registration, there were no room assignments for sessions, so most of us were running from room to room and floor to floor to find where we should be. I missed the first session and some of the second. The individual "pitch" sessions (which required a fee) were not kept to the 8 minute time allotment and because the schedule was so backed up some lost their time slot.

I have attended several SCBWI conferences and have no complaints whatsoever. The Writer's Institute has been hosting a conference for 21 years, this was my first, and I will probably attend again, as I mentioned that there were many good sessions and contacts that were made, but I really hope it is more organized in the future.

On an entirely different note, I had forgotten what a fabulous city Madison, Wisconsin is! There is music all over the place, bookstores galore, and a virtual "United Nations" of restaurants. I would probably weigh 300 lbs. if I lived there! :-)