Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

Last January while I was wallowing around the house in my sweatpants, watching Judge Judy, I became so sick of myself that I had to act! I decided to be my own publicity agent and started promoting myself, a difficult and novel idea for me. I am not in any stretch of the imagine a salesman or self-promoter. But unless you are James Patterson or Danielle Steele, this is a hat you must wear. Anyway, I booked a boatload of author visits for the month of July around the time that I direct a summer children's musical, and now these "visits' are upon me! I am looking forward to singing, dancing, teaching, and yes, learning with the kids. I hope I always keep inside me their enthusiasm and spirit. Now I'd better get busy, get out of these sweatpants and turn off my buddy Judy!