Thursday, September 25, 2008

Teacher's Corner

Share a post- Let me know what the kids say about this beloved creature.


Cimplife said...

The kids in our school are WILD about Nile! I've used this book/cd numerous times--all with the same enthusiastic results. They're tapping their toes and snapping their fingers without any prompting. I find myself singing the song long after I've used it in the library media center. During summer school, "Nile, Nile" became our theme song--and it was sung loud and proud!
What fun all the way around!
Am sharing my discovery with the Music teachers in our district and have had such positive feedback. Love it!

Chantelle said...

This book is AMAZING! I'm an elementary Music teacher and Cimplife shared it with me! I'm afraid I'm going to have to get a new copy by the end of the year. Mine is going to be worn-out! The kids love it and ask for it almost everyday. And before the final chords are played they are asking to play it again. They picked up on the beat and the tune very quickly. Nothing beats the giggles from the kids during the book. They absolutely love it!!! Thanks so much for sharing! I plan on ordering more copies.

Mrs. Hyams said...

Every time my daughter plays "Nile," my 10 month old granddaughter's whole body lights up. If she has been crying, she becomes calm, if she is engaged in something, she stops and listens with rapture and inwardly smiles. We LOVE Nile at our house!