Tuesday, March 3, 2009

For the past several months I have been working on a teacher's resource book about Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Barack Obama.  I am hoping to obtain permission to use the copyrighted Music that will go along with the subject matter.  In the meantime, to research what works in the book and what doesn't, I have been presenting a rough draft of the project to the "experts," fourth and fifth grade students.  Thus far, I have shown a DVD of the work in progress to three different schools.  The response has been very positive.  The kids are interested and engaged and the teachers welcome a way to integrate Music into their Social Studies curriculum.  The comments, questions, and insights of the students is nothing short of amazing!  I am learning from them, too!
I would like to thank Woodview School in Grayslake, South Park School in Deerfield, and Wileman School in Delavan, Wisconsin for allowing me to work with their students.
If copyright permission is granted, I can then proceed to the publishing part.  If not, I guess I will write an original song to go along with the subject matter.
Either way...back to work!

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