Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Morning Musings

Recently I attended my little niece's First Communion celebration. Seeing her in her pretty white dress and veil made me think of my own First Communion a bajillion years ago. It was a lot of fun finding the perfect white dress and white patent leather shoes, but I remember being a little freaked out about the whole thing! As Sister Carla put the veil on my head she told me that I was now a "bride of Christ". Panic was starting to set in! Risking the ire of Sister Carla,(she once smacked my catechism classmate, Raymond, for not being able to recite the "Lord's Prayer" in Latin), I told her my concern that I was only seven years old and shouldn't be a bride to anyone, let alone an old (dead) guy. I was the only girl in the catechism class and I wondered what the boys in the class were if I was a "bride". She informed me that the boys were "apostles of Christ". In my seven year old brain, I thought that this was a better option. Unfortunately, Sister did not agree with me and I was told to close my mouth and stop being disrespectful or I would have to do 'confession' all over again. I did as I was told, marched up the church aisle with the little "apostles" and took the dry wafer and grape juice. The following month, I was chosen to crown the Virgin Mary in a May church celebration. I think being the only girl in the class had a little something to do with the choice. Same pretty white dress, shoes, lacy socks, and new white undies, but this time no veil. Instead I wore a wreath of fake pink roses and carried a velvet pillow with a wreath of real pink roses. Again, I marched down the church aisle and as I got close to the statue of the Virgin Mary I saw that she was standing on a large, open mouthed snake! I was (and still am) terrified of snakes...

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